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Find the perfect tools here for the best installation results.

  • BDF 2BM Blue Max Window Tint Tool

    BDF 2BM Blue Max Window Tint Tool

    The choice for maximum water removal from auto window film installation Also great to remove more water on your thickest security film jobs This blade is a favorite for those who install security films Excellent as finishing a squeegee in automotive...

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  • BDF 2WTC 4" White Teflon Card Window Tint Tool

    Hard White Teflon Squeegee Card size of 4 inches Very popular and most economical hard card in the window film industry Slightly harder than the Gold Teflon Card While not actually made of Teflon, it is called Teflon "hard-card" or "edge tool It...

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  • BDF 2EQ Equalizer Push Stick Window Tint Tool

    Equalizer Push Stick size of 8 inches The Equalizer Push Stick is a great tool to help push the film into the gaskets This can be used with Equalizer Handle if you want even more leverage Good for pressing out minor film creases Can be used for...

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  • BDF 2WBC 4" White Bondo Card Window Tint Tool

    Hard White Bondo Squeegee Card size of 4 inches Hardest of the Bondo Cards in our stock Good for window film installation squeegee or wrap it in a soft towel to bump edges dry This popular card provides better gripping during the heat forming...

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  • BDF 2UH Unger Pro Handle Window Tint Tool

    Unger Professional Squeegee Handle for Blue Max Fast lock handle,with ergonomic rubber grip The Unger Pro Handle is designed for use with various squeegee blades Clear Max, Blue Max Blade, and regularsoft rubber insert squeegee blade Essential and...

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  • BDF 2EZG Gold Ez Reach Corner Window Tint Tool

    The Gold EZ Reach Corner Tool is like a Teflon card, but is shaped to better suit your needs! The tool measures 6.5" on the long side This Gold Teflon Corner Tool reaches all of those corners Great for tight spots such as port windows of sedan rear...

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  • BDF 2YS Yellow Slammer Window Tint Tool

    Yellow Slammer is used as a hard card-finishing tool for various installation challenges Can be wrapped in a layer of cotton fabric or lint-free paper towel Good for cleaning corners and gasket edge during glass preparation Direct squeegeeing of...

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  • BDF 2EZP Platinum Ez Reach Corner Window Tint Tool

    Platinum EZ Reach Corner is a new, more durable version of the popular Gold Easy Reach Test markets proved this version to be more popular than the original This unique hard card auto squeegee is quite effective at reaching edges Great for tight...

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  • BDF 2YQF Yellow Quick Foot Window Tint Tool

    Yellow Quick Foot will help you reach the hard-to-reach places that may otherwise drive you crazy Promises easy installation This 9.5" can be used in the edge of the handle like a chizler Clears off remnants of glue and decal with ease More...

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  • BDF 2FBUL Flat Glass Bulldozer Window Tint Tool

    BDF 2FBUL Flat Glass Bulldozer Window Tint Tool

    The Flat Glass Bulldozer is like the Automotive Bulldozer Helps you reach hard to reach areas on a flat glass Will give you all the leverage to reach behind pillars, or far overhead Reinforced rib design on the back side for extra rigidity and...

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  • BDF 2SER Single Edge Razor Blades 100

    Single Edge Razor Blades 100 for Regular Duty Steel backed high carbon steel blade Fits all standard razor blade tools Replacement blades for 28-100/500 scraper 1-1/2" Length 0.009" Thickness Each package includes 100 Regular Duty...

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  • BDF 2OL50 OLFA 9mm Snap-off Blade, 50-pack

    BDF 2OL50 OLFA 9mm Snap-off Blade, 50-pack

    Replacement Blade for Olfa Yellow Blade, 50 Blades in the Pack Olfa 13 edge snap-off blades, 50 blades per pack This package contains of 50 replacement blades for Olfa Knife Material: Stainless Steel, Overall Length (Decimal Inch): 3...

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