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1. How do I order window films from Buy Decorative Film?

First, check the width size (by inch) product dimension and convert the amount to feet (12in=1foot). Then, choose the feet quantity for both the width and length of the film size you desire. Finally, add the order(s) to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout accordingly.


2. How do I install the film?

Installing films is very convenient and easy to do. Simply follow Buy Decorative Film's step-to-step guideline on how to install window films.



3. How do I remove the window film?

Removing window films is also very easy. For adhesive-free films, simply remove the window film and clean the glass accordingly to your liking. For adhesive films, there may be a smear or minor residues left on the window if the film has been on the glass for some time. No worries though, this can be cleaned by simply washed off.


4. How long will it take to ship?

Orders are all shipped the day that they are ordered (within 24 business hours). Packages are shipped through Fedex Ground. Depending on where you live, the delivery time will vary. Shipments are processed only on business days. For more information on shipping, please follow this link



5. What is Buy Decorative Film's return policy?

Buy Decorative Film's return policy can be found here



6. How do I measure how much window film I need?

Measuring how much window film you need is very easy. First, start off by measuring your window from left to right (width). Then, measure your window from top to bottom (length).


7. Is there an installation kit?

Yes! You will receive a free installation kit (a squeegee) and guide with any purchase $10 and above.


8. Do you custom cut the film?

Buy Decorative Films does not custom cut so the film will fit your window perfectly, this has to be done yourself by trimming excess film after installation. Also, for all orders, there is a $4 cutting and handling fee for every invoice processed.


9. The quantity on my invoice shows more than one, but I only received one film.

The quantity number on your invoice is the length of the film you ordered. 


10. How do you use coupon codes?

You may enter a coupon code in the "coupon code" section on the check out page towards the end of the order process.