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  • MTBR Bronze Matte

BDF MTBR Decorative Window Film Bronze Matte Frosted

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Product Description

  • Bronze frosted look, perfect for adding privacy to partitions.
  • Lets in soft filtered light, while providing privacy.
  • Very High Opacity, Solid Appearance in Certain Lighting Conditions
  • 99% UV Rejection! Block harmful UV rays. Reduces fading on furnishings caused by the sun.
  • Professional adhesive material and film that can last many years. Scratch resistant coating

The Frosted Matte series provide excellent privacy with a beautiful frosted appearance that covers your windows with a matte finish. They are useful in both private and public places because the matte colors blur the glass and therefore lessens the glass’s transparency so that people on either side can’t see through it. The Frosted Matte series comes in three different colors: Bronze, Silver, and White that adds flavor to your window while boasting 90% opacity. When the applied Frosted Matte window film is viewed at a distance, the window appears entirely solid and non-transparent, but when an object leans against the window the film captures only its silhouette. You can also freely express your creativity and individuality by creating your own unique pattern and design cutouts on the film and choose where to conceal or reveal on different parts of your window. Our Frosted Matte series are ideal for basically any glass surface, so you can apply them on bathroom windows, glass shower booths, office partitions, glass doors, and many more.

The Frosted Bronze Matte window film blocks direct visibility with a bronze tint. The bronze tone adds a feeling of stability and professionalism to your confined space. Great for offices, workrooms, and conference rooms, Buy Decorative Film’s Frosted Bronze Matte window film would make an excellent choice.


Product Details:

- Professional adhesive material and film that can last many years without wearing down.

Easy to remove without damaging the glass so you have room for errors.

- Creates a private environment while still allowing natural light to pass through.

Adds color to your window.


How To Apply?

To get started, you'll need a few tools:

- Spray bottle with a liquid soap solution

- Plastc card squeegee

- Few paper towels (cotton cloth recommended)

- Sharp retractable knife


1. Before You Begin Applying: Use the spray bottle with a soap solution to fully wet the window to the point where drops of soapy water run down the glass. Next, scrape off all of the dirt that might be present using a razor of some sort that won't scratch the glass. Then, use the squeegee to wipe down the window and remove the remaining dirt. Remember to use A LOT of soap water as it is important that the window remains completely wet during the window film installation process. Don't try to install the film in direct sunlight or in a hot environment as your soap solution will dry up quickly.

2. Measure and Cut Film: If you aren't experienced with applying window film, it would be a good idea to start with smaller windows first. Measure the width & height of the glass surface and determine where you'd like the film, keeping about a 1/2" margin of film around the window frame. The cut film should be bigger than the edges of your frame.

3. Remove Backing/Liner: Window films have 2 components: the film and the clear liner (the backing). When removing the liner, first peel away its corner (preferably the top right or left corners) by attaching two pieces of tape firmly to the front and back sides of the film's corner. Then, pull them apart to separate a little portion of the liner from the film but don't remove the liner completely.

4. Wet Both Sides of Film and Window: As mentioned above, it is important to keep both the window film and the window completely wet with the soap solution during the installation process.

5. Apply Film on Glass: Place the adhesive side of the film gently on the glass. Cling the peeled corners of the film onto the respective corners of the window and adjust the film so that the edges line up. While you remove the rest of the liner, make sure that the parts of the film that are already on the window stay in its place (it might be better to have someone hold the film while removing the liner). As you carefully peel the liner away, generously spray the liquid solution on the exposed sticky side (the side that's in contact with the window) of the film. After the liner is removed, align all corners and edges so that the shape of the film completely matches that of the window. If, at any point, the film is stuck and not moving, you need to peel it off a little and add more soap water to the window.

6. Final Touches: Now using the plastic squeegee, start at the top of the window and work your way down. When you squeegee out the water particles and the air bubbles, start at the center of the window and move out towards the edges. Spraying water on the film's surface will make the process much easier. Large bubbles can be removed with the squeegee, but keep in mind that small ones smaller than 1/8" will disappear within a few days. If necessary, trim the edges of the film with a knife. Finally, clean the film with soap water. It may take a few days to dry and completely stick to the glass.

Warranty Information

Buy Decorative film provides a 2 year warranty for Decorative film with sun exposure, and a 5 year warranty for Decorative film without sun exposure.

Buy Decorative film warrants against peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, and delamination. Warranty coverage begins immediately upon the first day of the installation of the film, and is not transferable from the original purchaser onto another party thereafter.

In the event of failure, Seller (Dealer/installer) will replace Buyer (Customer)’s Buy Decorative film in the same quantity as the defective film at no cost. Under this warranty, Buy Decorative film is only obligated to replace the product not conforming to the warranty. This warranty coverage applies to the quality of its window film, and does not guarantee the quality of installation.

All warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the warranty of merchantability will be voided if the film is installed in a manner that violates applicable state or provincial laws. Damages caused by any illegal use of the product are in no manner whatsoever the liability of Buy Decorative film. Improper care or maintenance of Buy Decorative films shall void this warranty. This warranty does not cover glass breakage or insulated glass unit seal failure. Buy Decorative film is not liable for any other costs, expenses, losses, or damages that have not been outlined herein.

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