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  • NA35 Natural N35, Black (Medium)
  • NA35 Natural N35, Black (Medium)
  • NA35 Natural N35, Black (Medium)
  • NA35 Natural N35, Black (Medium)
  • NA35 Natural N35, Black (Medium)
  • NA35 Natural N35, Black (Medium)

BDF NA35 Window Film Sun Control and Heat Rejection N35, Black (Medium)

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Product Description

    •    MILDLY DARK, BLACK FINISH that provides minimal view-shielding for situations that require less privacy, making it ideal for heat control while letting in a lot of light.
    •    EXCELLENT HEAT REJECTION. Helps reduce cooling costs especially during the summer through effective blocking of harmful solar rays. Also, minimizes fading on furnishings caused by the sun.
    •    STRONG ADHESIVES to last many years. For easier installation, remember to use A LOT of soap/water mixture to soak both the adhesive side and window.
    •    HIGH QUALITY PERFORMANCE films that are sensitive by nature. Please remember to take caution when handling the film as the slightest fold will create a permanent wrinkle.
    •    FREE TOOLS AND EASY INSTALLATION GUIDE to make installation DIY-friendly. Make sure window surface is completely clean and absolutely free of any blemishes.

Buy Decorative Film’s Natural 35 Sun Control and Heat Rejection window film not only gives your window a tinted look but also provides excellent heat rejection. With a mildly dark, black tint, the Natural 35 heat rejection film still adds a decent amount of shade to your window, but it lets in a good amount of visible light. If you want an excellent combination of heat rejection and light exposure, the Natural 35 will make a great choice. Buy Decorative Film’s Natural Window Films are available in 5% (Very Dark), 10% (Dark), 20% (Less Dark), 35% (Lightly Dark), and 50% (Light).





Warranty Information

Buy Decorative film provides a 5 Year Limited Commercial Warranty and a 5 Year Limited Residential Warranty for the following films that have been applied on interior surfaces of glass windows or doors:
SP Nichrome, SP Bronze, SP NSN,
2 mil Clear, 4 mil Clear, 7 mil Clear, 8 mil Clear, 12 mil Clear

Buy Decorative film provides a Limited Commercial and Residential Warranty for the following films that have been applied on interior surfaces of glass windows and doors:
Natural, Metalized Silver, PR series, Premium 4mil, Premium 8mil – 5 years

Commercial and Residential Limited Warranty for the following films that have been applied on exterior surfaces of glass windows and doors:
Anti Graffiti series - 2 years

Buy Decorative film warrants against peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, and delamination. Warranty coverage begins immediately upon the first day of the installation of the film, and is not transferable from the original purchaser onto another party thereafter.

In the event of failure, Seller (Dealer/installer) will replace Buyer (Customer)‘s Buy Decorative film in the same quantity as the defective film at no cost. Under this warranty, Buy Decorative film is only obligated to replace the product not conforming to the warranty. This warranty coverage applies to the quality of its window film, and does not guarantee the quality of installation.

All warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the warranty of merchantability will be voided if the film is installed in a manner that violates applicable state or provincial laws. Damages caused by any illegal use of the product are in no manner whatsoever the liability of Buy Decorative film. Improper care or maintenance of Buy Decorative films shall void this warranty. This warranty does not cover glass breakage or insulated glass unit seal failure. Buy Decorative film is not liable for any other costs, expenses, losses, or damages that have not been outlined herein.

Product Reviews

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  1. Very clear, blocks heat

    Posted by on 21st Nov 2017

    I used this product for large south-facing picture windows at a beach house. Application was easy once I figured out that I needed to use LOTS of soap solution. From the inside it barely appears tinted, and it's as transparent and flawless as the untreated windows--no cloudiness or distortion at all, just a tiny bit darker. I haven't had it long enough to compare cooling bills, but the amount of solar heat coming through is noticeably decreased.
    Application tips: you gotta have two people for anything over 24" or so. Use plenty of soap solution, and be really meticulous about sliding the bubbles and waves out to the edges while it's still wet. After a few hours they're in there for good.
    Excellent product.

  2. beat the heat

    Posted by on 21st Jun 2017

    easy install and does exactly what it is suppose to do, keep out the heat.